How we help our Credit Union Clients:


Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation

Our approach to Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation is straightforward:

  • The client objective drives the engagement
  • Thorough, transparent process
  • Product agnostic
  • Stakeholder education
  • Thorough risk management

As an independent firm with broad access to cutting-edge capabilities, we can bring best-in-class solutions to your Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation engagement.

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Benefit Funding Offset and Charitable Donation Accounts

Credit Unions have been using non-703 investments to offset benefit expenses and charitable donations for years.  Most recently, accounting changes have increased the potential for income variation from that funding.  

Our approach uses cutting-edge capabilities to provide the credit union a solution that allows for maintenance of the total return investment objective while seeking to limit income statement volatility.

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Compensation Advisory

You want to compensate your team fairly but not excessively.  You want to ensure the performance you demand aligns with reward from your compensation plan.  You need to ensure the behaviors you incent align with the organization's strategic goals.

Through our affiliation with Compensation Advisors, LLC. we offer credit unions and their stakeholders an un-biased view of current compensation and projected compensation trends.  Our proprietary database of credit union compensation information helps you make better decisions and effective align your compensation practices with desired behaviors and long-term organizational success.

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